Wider Web War Room

I was listening to a business plan for a wider web social space and it occurred to me that I'd heard a lot of these ideas before. Actually, I'd had a lot of these ideas.

I went digging through my archives and I ...

Naming the Wider Web

I will admit it, I like naming things.

Projects, ideas, and pets; I love looking into their essential nature and pulling out a word or phrase that becomes their verbal and written flagship. I love it when other people engage in word-play with me until ...

Designing the Wider Web

In the olden times, I made static web pages. They sat quietly on tubular displays that squatted like toads on the desk of every office worker. Early humans grunted at these pages with mice and keyboards. That was it.

To write the simplest of web ...

Augmented Reality is for Seeing Better

A product designer friend recently asked me, "What is the fundamental capability that augmented reality provides?"

The fundamental capability that current eye glasses provide is to see better. They help near sighted people see far away things. They help older eyes see things that are ...

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